Home Spot Refugee Support – Greece

Home Spot Refugee Support – Greece

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There are four refugee camps near the Fellowship of the Mesogeion Church which meets at the AMG Cosmovision Center outside of Athens. There is one Syrian camp (for families), one camp for Afghans, and two camps for Kurds. There are a total of about 1,000 refugees in a community of about 11,000. The Church has developed a “Home Spot” project that includes 4 stages of support: Refugee Center, Mobile Unit, community program and housing facilities. Currently the “Home Spot” Center is open and providing daily care and many other services to refugees and their families.

Project Plan

Come help meet the daily needs of the refugees that are not met in the official camps. At Home Spot, they give refugees an opportunity to develop their social skills outside the camps and give them a sense of dignity. Refugees receive training that provide them with skills which will allow them to integrate with the local community, as well as emotional support and counseling to deal with the myriad of challenges they face. While at Home Spot Center, volunteers will serve in many ways; from distributing drinks and smiles, to helping teach English and technology skills.


Workers Needed

Whether you have helping hands or professional skills you are welcome!  Team members are needed in the following areas:

  • Distributing Food
  • Distributing Clothing
  • Child Care
  • Computer Help
  • Coffee Shop Ministry


*Final cost is dependent on number of team members, specific project scope, and project duration.