EPP – France – Outreach

EPP – France – Outreach

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25 years ago Björn and Brita Litke came as missionaries from Germany to Marseille, France. Their vision was to go to the heart of the city, Le Panier, and plant the roots of God’s Kingdom. As Germans, Christians, and a family with 5 children they survived the first 7 years in this neighborhood; which at that time was the most dangerous neighborhood of the city. At the end of these seven years the mafia recognized their church Eglise Protestante of Panier (EPP). At that time they were also the only Christians in the district. Today the district has been altered completely through the Church and the Christians. The vision of Le Panier is to be a movement that reaches into Cities and neighborhoods with the Gospel, and lays the foundation of the Kingdom of God.

Project Plan

Le Panier is a vibrant church in the heart of Marseilles. Connected to the church is a Bible School that trains students for ministry. Team members will receive some evangelism training then go out into the city with the students. Le Panier has a coffee bus and they set up a free café to connect with locals. There are often outreach events that include drama, music, face painting, and praying for people. Le Panier invites you to be a part of the great harvest for the Kingdom of God in Marseille


Workers Needed

Whether you have helping hands or professional skills you are welcome!  Team members are needed in the following areas:

  • Music
  • Evangelism
  • Dance
  • Theater


*Dates are flexible and subject to availability.
**Final cost is dependent on number of team members, specific project scope, and project duration.