Proem Intermixer Youth Camp & Kontakt Łódź – Poland

Proem Intermixer Youth Camp & Kontakt Łódź – Poland

Project Detail

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Proem Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization founded in post-communist Poland in 1990 by Maui & Ewa Dwulat soon after the first free democratic elections in Poland took place. Biblically based and ethically driven, Proem promotes ideals common to all Christian churches while focusing on youth & families, Christian education & outreach and church planting & discipleship. Proem partners with other Christian organizations in Poland and abroad in working towards the good of the community, and creating opportunities for spiritual and intellectual growth with the next generation in mind. (Taken from Proem’s website)

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Project Plan

Intermixer is a camp for younger teens, ages 12 – 14, who come from various countries and backgrounds. The team would help facilitate the camp as the campers engage in a wide variety of cultural activities and build intercultural understanding and relationships.  Families with tweens and teens between the ages of 12 and 14 are especially encouraged to  consider this option as Proem reports some of the greatest spiritual discussions happen when the North American teenagers open up and share about their faith with the European teens.  

During the second week of this project the team would participate in Kontakt  Łodz. The team will relocate from the camp to a hotel in Łodz during this event. This is an opportunity for people to serve within their skillset - whether it be art, music, sport, light construction, or a number of other areas.  This project is appropriate for anyone including families with elementary aged children. For teens coming without their parents the minimum age is 16 unless a team member will be taking responsibility for them in the evenings.

There is also the option of only completing one of the weeks. If you are interested in only one of the weeks, please contact us for more information and pricing.

Workers Needed

Families with children are welcome. Please read above for details.

Team members are needed in the following areas:

  • Assisting Counselors 
  • Music
  • Sports/Games
  • Art/Crafts
  • Light Construction


*Dates are subject to availability.
**Final cost is dependent on number of team members, specific project scope, and project duration.