My wife Darci and I spent two weeks on a Euroteam project at Camp des Cimes in France with Dustin and the camp team. This trip was one that Darci and I had been praying about, without exactly knowing that it existed. Dustin and Michelle were sharing some stories with us at a family event and mentioned this trip. They asked us to pray about joining the team, and explained that it would be an awesome opportunity to be a part of something unique and beautiful at a place where young people meet God; often for the first time. Camp des Cimes is the kind of place that one may hope exists despite having never visited. There is a general sense in the area surrounding the camp that we are very small beings on an earth created by someone infinitely powerful, and who loves us more than we will ever know.

The two weeks we spent at Camp des Cimes were indeed some of the most special days that I can recall. I think it is often easy to remember a trip for its geographic, geological, or cultural beauty, of course all blessings to experience, but this time was different. Waking up there every morning revealed a unique opportunity for growth that can be difficult to see from the comfort and familiarity of one’s home in the States. There is something about living temporarily in a place that you have been called to serve that brings about a unique kind of focus and clarity of who God is. Even though we only spent fourteen days there, we caught a glimpse of what it means to follow Him to a place of His leading and do what He wanted us to — all the while having to trust that He’d glorify Himself through us, and that He indeed did call us to be there. As selfish as it may sound, the enjoyment that we found in this time was remarkable. To us, it is yet another mystery of God; that He knows what is best for us, He calls us to serve him and be obedient, and He blesses us through these times in ways that we couldn’t imagine. I suppose our trip to France solidified our belief that God is present in every place, all at once. For us, it was one thing to trust and know that, and another to experience it first-hand.

  • elan

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