Refugee Work – Greece

Refugee Work – Greece

Project Detail

  • Location
    Lesvos, Greece
  • Date
  • Focus
    Refugee Work
  • Ministry Type
    Refugee Work
  • Team Needed
    8-10 people age 18+
  • Cost
    $1300 US/Person + Air fare*
  • Categories
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Millions are fleeing from the tyranny of war, famine, and heartache. In fact, this is the largest movement of people in modern history since the Second World War. For most, Europe offers the only hope of safety, and many risk the very real threat of death on their journeys. Often, these people are seen as a problem, and while our enemy can use people to kill, steal, and destroy, God sees each and every person as a unique and loved creation. These are our neighbors, and we want to introduce each and every refugee to the God who loves them.

gem Refuge 2015 from Greater Europe Mission on Vimeo.

Project Plan

The situation in the camp where we serve is constantly changing, thus our roles are constantly changing. currently GEM Teams assists with housing, distributing clothing and hygiene kits to new arrivals, and guarding/assisting the most vulnerable of those housed in the camp. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to hear stories from those in the camp, and share God's love and His story with them. Please join us as we join God in this great opportunity.

Workers Needed

  • Helping with the day-to-day operation of camp
  • Distributing clothing
  • tea time and English or computer classes
  • help provide for new arrivals


*Final cost is dependent on number of team members, specific project scope, and project duration.