It’s Friday again, and it’s kind of hard to believe that the team has been on Lesvos for nearly a week already. The trip started off somewhat slowly for me. It took literally two days of traveling in cars, vans & planes to get here. We had our introductory tours and orientations and everything didn’t really seem like we were here to do a job, to help. Even after doing our first 24-hour shift on Sunday night to Monday night at Sikaminias near the fishing village of Skala, nothing seemed real. We didn’t have much to do, as there were no guests to tend to.

I didn’t pause to reflect on what had occurred there over the last few months. I simply did as I had intended when I signed up to join the team, which was to come here and do what was asked of me. The only reflection I had was when I was cutting up the rafts that carried people over here that creative people are now using to make saleable items to give back to the wonderful people of Greece. At that time, I thought “I hope that everyone who set sail on this raft made it safely to the shores where their hopes of freedom lay.”

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